What to Bring With You to Free Drug Rehab and What to Leave at Home

Entering inpatient drug rehab can be a very scary experience, but when you know some of the things to expect, it becomes much easier. And, when you bring some things from home with you to the free drug rehab, it eases some of the discomforts that you feel. However, not all items you’d like to bring with you to rehab are allowed. Prepare for your entry day with this list of items that you can bring and a list of items to leave at home.


No matter what drug rehab you’re entering, clothing is an item you’re allowed to bring, although you should expect restrictions on the type of clothing that you can and cannot wear while in the facility. As a general rule, bring at least one weeks’ worth of clothing with you to rehab.


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A toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer, and a hair brush are the basic toiletries allowed inside a rehab center. Most also allow women to bring in makeup but perfume is often not allowed since it contains alcohol.

Important Documents

You need to bring your driver’s license or proper identification with you to rehab. Bring insurance cards, debit cards, check books, etc. with you as well. Some centers allow cash to be brought inside, but you should check with the individual rehab to learn their policies on cash in the facility.


Medications you’ve been prescribed by a doctor are allowed inside the rehab, as long as they are in their original bottles and sealed. You’ll need to turn in the medication to staff at the center and won’t have access to it once it’s handed over to staff, though they’ll give it to you at the appropriate times.

Hobby Items

Although you should focus on breaking free of the addiction while at drug rehab, you also need to bring with you a few items for entertainment that you enjoy, keeping in mind the rules and policies of the center. Many hobby items are available at the rehab, though you can bring items like a journal, sketchbook, books, or even knitting yarn.

What to Leave at Home

The items above are those you can bring along with you, but there are also items you should leave at home to greet you when you return home. Things that you should not bring into rehab include:

·    Drugs or alcohol

·    Any cosmetics or alcohol with perfume in them

·    E-cigs

·    Games

·    Sporting equipment

·    Candles

·    Food

·    Drinks

·    Pornographic material

·    Cell phones

·    Laptops

·    Electronics

·    Weapons/Sharp Objects

Each rehab center has rules and regulations for the items that are and are not allowed into rehab, so if you have any questions, direct them to a member of staff at the facility in which you are entering. Although it might seem that you should be allowed to bring some things that you are not, trust that the rules that are in place are done so for the safety and protection of each person making this new transition in their life. It is only temporary, and soon, you’ll be back to normal life, free of drugs, enjoying it to the fullest.